Meet Lara, a true reformer for Riverside County

For decades, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has been known to have a  win-at-all-cost culture. The Office’s priority has been to maintain a “98% conviction rate,” while ignoring data-driven methods proven to reduce crime.

"I support Lara because there is a shortage of learnedness in this supposedly learned profession, and especially in the ranks of public prosecutors, who are supposed to seek the neutral ends of justice and not simply "to put bad guys away." Lara is a top and energetic scholar as well as a right-thinking pragmatist, and she is in this fight to provide insightful service to the public, not to exercise power over it. For far too long, prosecutors have functioned as though they are house counsel to various police forces instead of as the filter and refiner of police efforts, and Lara well understands the necessity for the latter. She also understands that the public prosecutor is not supposed to act as though the defense is the enemy, because without the proper balance between prosecution and defense forces and actions, the Republic would careen into anarchy or tyranny: the founder of the American conservative movement was a defense attorney, John Adams. Lara would be a prosecutor beyond parallel in a craft that I have labored in and studied for decades, and I endorse her candidacy without reservation."

Michael Kennedy, Attorney at Law: Constitutional Scholar and Leader in the Criminal Defense Bar

What people are saying about Lara 

Lara has dedicated her near 16-year legal career to fighting for fairness. She has proven time and time again that she will uphold and defend the Constitution, serving all citizens of Riverside County. She will hold law enforcement accountable, and reject cases in which a suspect’s rights are violated. She will bring reform to the cash bail system, which effectively incarcerates people because they are poor. Lara will refocus resources on punishing violent offenders, and keeping communities safe by seeking alternatives and rehabilitation for non-violent offenders. This will end Riverside’s unparalleled contribution to the mass incarceration problem plaguing the nation. It will save tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that is senselessly wasted by a DA’s office bent on victory at all costs. And it will begin to heal communities impacted by crime.

As District Attorney, Lara Gressley will fundamentally change the culture in the Riverside County DA’s office from a culture that seeks victory to a culture that seeks justice.

Beyond a doubt, Lara Gressley is the most qualified person to run for the District Attorney's position in years. All the way from the start of her journey in the Public Defender's Office through her significant experience as a trial attorney, an appellate lawyer, a respected lecturer and now a partner in her law firm, Lara has developed a profound understanding of and an unyielding commitment to Criminal Justice Reform. In all she does, Lara exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness and she will use those qualities to bring much needed reform to the criminal justice system in Riverside County. We need Lara. Lara needs you. Vote for her on June 5th.

Corey Jackson, Candidate for City Council of Moreno Valley, founder and chairman of the Sigma Beta Xi Inc.